Ways to Change a Negative Mindset into a Positive One
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Ways to Change a Negative Mindset into a Positive One

I struggle with having a positive mindset. "I can't do it." "I won't amount to anything." "What's the point?" "I'm a failure." "Why bother trying?" Need I go on? I'm sure a lot of us experience this every now and then. It all starts with a single thought and before you know it, it becomes… Continue reading Ways to Change a Negative Mindset into a Positive One

Happiness & Positivity
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How to Radiate Happiness & Positivity In Your Life

Today I'm going to be talking about positive energy and happiness and how small acts of kindness can make a world of a difference to someone. It's easy to succumb to the negativity that we are being exposed to nowadays, making positivity and happiness a rarity. It just seems to be so much easier to… Continue reading How to Radiate Happiness & Positivity In Your Life

The Importance of Self-Care
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The Importance of Self-Care

Hey friends, welcome back! We all have those crazy, rough days, so it's understandable that it can be overwhelming and can take a toll on your body. Plus, balancing work, relationships, and health is just added stress. There are times where you just need to step away from the chaos and have some time to… Continue reading The Importance of Self-Care

Be the Change
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Change is good. We grow from it, we become better people from change. We make new friends and we lose friends, we fall in love and have heartbreaks. But that's ok, that's life. People are so scared of change but that shouldn't be the case. We should be excited of change: a new house, a… Continue reading Change

Trust the Timing of Your Life
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Trust the Timing of Your Life

Hello friends. For my first blog, I wanted to talk about timing. I have to trust the timing of my life. I always try to remind myself this phrase that I read on the internet a while ago and it has stuck with me ever since. We can only control so many things in our… Continue reading Trust the Timing of Your Life