Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018!!!

Happy New Year 2018!!!

Hey friends and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Ok sooo is it just me or did this year just fly by? I swear, each year time keeps getting faster and faster.

Another year has come to a close and may I say..it was boring as hell lol. Ok don’t get me wrong, it’s been a good year 2017 but I want more for 2018. I want to make some changes to better myself as a person and my lifestyle. It’s all about moving forward.

I figured that if I write my goals for 2018 on my blog that’s visible to basically THE WORLD, I’ll have a possibly higher chance of achieving my goals. See how I wrote “possibly higher chance” instead of saying that I’ll ACTUALLY achieve my goals lol. But it’ll give me the motivation to do them.

I want to set goals for personal growth and positivity. So here are my goals for 2018:

Happy New Year 2018


Blog more

I would like to post at least once a week, if not, once every two weeks. Maybe even get a bigger audience. I love my little following (shout out to my OG homies. You da best!) but I’d love to reach out to more people.

I’d like to post more about life, self-care, recipes, maybe DIYs. Let me know in the comments of any other suggestions 🙂


Not every day, please

Ain'tNobody Got Time For That gif

But yes, I do want to feel better in my body and have more energy.

Better food choices.

I have noticed my diet is not the healthiest, so I want to make it a point to slowly incorporate more nutritious foods into my diet throughout the year and cut out that delicious pasta, crunchy and crispy….potato chips, and…dare I say…Whataburger…*cries*. But it has to be done! Yes, I will cheat. Yes, I will binge.

I'm just human

Meet new people.

I love my small group of friends (again shout out to my home skillet biscuits, you know who you be) but I’d like to branch out and meet some interesting people.

Dress with style.

I’ve seen those people on Instagram and their fashionable attire. I WANT TO BE LIKE YOU FASHION FOLK, YOU FASHION QUEENS!!! Plus, a change in attire brings out the confidence within you.

Yes Sensei

Reduce stress and anxiety.

I have dealt with a lot of stress and anxiety throughout 2017 and it has led to turning down opportunities that could have really benefited my life. This would tie back with exercising as it helps clear your mind and reduce anxiety by releasing the tension in your body.

Care less about what others think of me or don’t care about my feelings.

I have a few friends that I can genuinely call true friends. Then there are those who only use you for their benefit or want their way. No honey. Those are the ones I want to peacefully leave behind. They got to go!

Leave you in 2017

Be happy and love myself.

Easier said than done. But by cutting out the negative stuff and people in my life, I’ll start viewing life more positively and hopefully finding true happiness. I also want to focus on loving myself and be comfortable with my body. Not easy but gotta start somewhere.

I sound like every person on their new year’s resolution lol but I definitely want this to be something that I can rely on and be a reminder to me to focus on myself and not let negativity get the best of me.

Here’s to 2018! May it be a beautiful year for everyone filled with growth, success, love, and peace.

Let me know what your new year’s resolution/goals are or what you like to improve on in the new year. 🙂

Cheers to 2018

Be sure to share this on social media. Sharing is caring 🙂

Until next time and a brand new year, peace Fam. ✌🏽

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19 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2018!!!”

  1. Happy New Year! I almost made a list of intentions and resolutions I wanted to set for this new year, I’m glad to see so many others are also taking strides to make this year as good as possible! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. happy new year!!! 😀

    i know right? the time has passed even faster every year. do you even believe that this may happen that the earth itself is getting older? i don’t know though. 😛

    anyway, hope your list can be fulfilled without any empty box to tick in 2018. have a good year ahead! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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