5k Running Journey

My 5k Running Journey

My 5k Journey

Hey friends, welcome back!

So I’m not a big fan of running. Like. Not. At. All lol. I used to run a lot while I was in college but it never became something that I enjoyed even though I felt great afterward. And I always wanted it to be something that could potentially be a healthy hobby of mine but it just never happened. (Mostly I never stuck with it lol)

During college, I worked out a lot. I did a lot of strength training and cardio. Those were the days. I could easily run 3 miles nonstop and I was very proud of that. So I feel confident that if I focus on the end goal and my overall health, it’s totally possible.

The thing about running is that I have a love-hate relationship with it and I go through phases as well. The start of a run is always the hardest so by the end of my first run Imma be like

Me running

Recently, my friend and I decided to register for the annual Culinaria 5K Wine & Beer Run in San Antonio, Texas. If you’re curious and want to learn more about the race or are interested in participating, I’ll leave a link riiiiight

Here → Culinaria 5K Wine & Beer Run 2018

This has been something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now and I’m excited that it’s finally happening. I’m also excited that I’ll be getting a free t-shirt afterward lol. I love me a good t-shirt, especially if it’s free. OOOO and food. There will be food if that motivates any of you to want to participate lol.

Now from the day, I post this, up until the big day will give me roughly around 2 1/2 months to train. The problem now is getting my booty out of bed and doing it. It’s possible. I believe it comes down to your mindset and being motivated and dedicated as well as make a training schedule. Pinterest has endless amounts of how to train for a 5k or if you simply want to start running just cause, Pinterest has that too.

I’ll be posting monthly updates leading up to the big day. So be on the lookout for those.

I’m curious, who’s ran a 5k or is planning on running one this year?

Let me know. And make sure to share this on social media.

Until next time, peace Fam. ✌🏽

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19 thoughts on “My 5k Running Journey”

  1. Running a 5k has been a goal of mine that I keep putting off. Every time I start trying i get pregnant and have the worst morning sickness. Lol. Thanks for the motivation to pick this goal up again.

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  2. I ran a 5k once, but I believe I did more walking than running. I would love to learn to train to do a 5k. If you put your mind to it I am sure you can do it! I cannot wait to see your progress. Thank you for sharing this, it got me motivated to learn as well.

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  3. Great goal! You’ve actually made me think about going for a run in the mornings while everyone is asleep, my dog could even run alongside me. I feel the same way about running though… I hate it, but I feel great for it afterwards. Thanks for the idea even if I don’t manage to go through with it lol!


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