Not My Day

Not My Day

Not My Day

It’s been a hot minute you guys but I’m back and boy do I have a story to tell you.

Eating popcorn

So I started school again to finish up my prerequisites for optometry school, which means I have to get up at the crack of dawn to drive an hour to school. Luckily, I only have school two days out of the week so I can deal with that.

Ok, so to start off the day, I woke up late (I usually wake up at 7 and on this day I woke up at a quarter to 8), so I had to groggily put on my clothes and shove food in my mouth while failing to put on makeup. I managed to make it out the door with my backpack in one hand and a half eaten bagel with cream cheese in the other (which was delicious by the way). I throw my backpack in the back seat and in the car, buckle my seat belt but oh Yissel…how can you turn your car on and leave when you forgot your keys…inside the house…which you locked…out of habit….…well shit.

Spongebob Boi gif

*unbuckles seat belt, gets out of car, and stomps to the front door, makes a fist with hand and hits the door and presses forehead on the cold metal door while sighing in defeat*

I stayed like that for a minute or so until I realized my dear mother always has a spare key shoved inside some plant. But oh, my loving mother, why do you have to have a billion plants that all look the same?! I dug around and eventually found the spare key, got in the house, got my keys, jumped in the car and FINALLY left. I put on my favorite song at the moment (Rockstar – Post Malone, check it out, it’s lit) and shrugged off this rough start to my morning. And you would be thinking, oh that’s it? That was nothing. OOOO GURL WE JUST GETTING STARTED.

It was about 15 minutes into my hour drive when I look into my rear-view mirror and see this cop car speeding up in the distance. In my head, I thought, “wouldn’t it be funny if that cop car stopped me right now?……….*red and blue light flash behind me*…OH COME ON!!! Thankfully, I just got a warning and I was on my merry way.

Ok so the thing about school, parking is a bitch to find by the time I get there. Everybody just drives around the parking lots looking for a parking spot like vultures looking for food. Honestly, when I find a parking space, it’s like I won the lottery. No joke. It’s the most beautiful thing ever.

But before that gloriousness, my anxiety is always through the roof when it comes to parking, I just hate it. I never had a problem trying to find parking when I was a full-time student since I lived walking distance from school. But I truly understand the frustration of trying to find parking at peak class hours.

So on this marvelous day…this m a r v e l o u s day, I was driving around the parking lot and I see this guy walking to his truck.  I pull up next to him and pulled down the passenger window and asked him if he was leaving. He told me no. Ok, no big deal. I let him cross in front of me as I pulled up to a stop sign. And as I was waiting for some cars to pass in front of me, I watched this boy get in his truck…pull away from his parking spot…AND LEAVE!!! Just poof…gone!

Patrick Boi gif

Since then I’ve given up trying to find parking and now park outside of campus and have to walk about 10 minutes to get to class. I don’t mind, I need the exercise anyway lol

After class, I was running low on gas cause I like living on the edge you know and went to the nearest gas station to pump gas. I do the usual pull out some money, get out the car, and go inside to pay for the gas. I come out and I look at my car and found it unusual that my car was on. I thought how is that possible? I have my car keys with m…nooo. My heart dropped down to my stomach as I walked towards the passenger door of my car. Please don’t be locked, please don’t be locked, please don’t be locked. *pulls door handle*…L O C K E D.  Well shit!!!

At this point, I was waving my imaginary white flag in defeat. I’M DONE. DONE I SAY!

I surrender

The thing with my car is on the driver’s side, there’s a button on the door that you push down and it locks all the doors on the car. I’ve made it a habit of mine to lock my car every time I get out, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Thinking I had my keys on hand, I confidently locked the car. I can’t trust myself anymore. I just can’t.  I peer into my car through the mirror and see the keys still in the ignition along with my phone.

I slowly walked back inside the gas station and used the store’s phone and call the insurance company. I had to wait almost 45 minutes for someone to come and unlock my car. I felt like a caveman. I didn’t know what to do since I didn’t have my phone with me. I ended up reading the nutrition facts of candy wrappers and a thing called a newspaper? I thought they stopped selling those (jokingly of course).

An eternity later, a car pulled up beside mine and it was like an angel descending from Heaven. I had to fill out some paperwork while this guy unlocked my car. He began flirting with me but at this point in my day, I wasn’t having it. He was so nice so I didn’t want to be rude so I went along with it. A bit of back and forth and an unlocked car later, I was finally on my way home. Frustrated. Hungry. Relieved. I mean it could have been worse.

By the end of the day, I was like


and like this

Bye world

It was just. Not. My. Day.

Did you guys ever have a day where nothing seems to be going your way?

Tell me your stories in the comments below. I’d love to hear them 🙂 Be sure to share this on social media if you like reading it.

Until next time, peace Fam. ✌🏽

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1 thought on “Not My Day”

  1. I sincerely enjoy your writing. Please keep it up. When you tell me that you’re almost done with your blog I get excited about it. Makes me want to continue writing myself. Writing my book, poems, songs, and just my thoughts. Thank you for everything. You seriously are an amazing person, don’t let one bad day change the kind of person you are. So, sushi?

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